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Identity crime, security threats and the societal impact of artificial intelligence, are global concerns. In 2018, we decided to create a proprietary software that utilised the strongest identity authentication method in existence: facial recognition.

We had seen the destruction that identity theft could cause. But our world-wide experience in operational risk management led us to recognise the broad potential for the application of this technology elsewhere, beyond its competence in thwarting identity fraud. Things like fast-tracking and increasing the effectiveness of security systems; preventing intrusion into sensitive environments and protecting events. We could see its ability to improve functionality in human to computer engagement and the benefits this implied for technologically driven companies.

And so, Biometric vision’s facial recognition technology was born. Our leading facial recognition system is the most powerful tool at your disposal when it comes to maintaining the security of identities, of confidential information, of vulnerable spaces and of efficient, computer-led interactions.

Let us partner with you to determine where biometric vision’s state-of-the art software can help both safe-guard and optimise your company’s business-critical processes.

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