Supercharge Your Facial Recognition Applications

Developers, businesses and system integrators upgrade your facial recognition applications performance with a few lines of code whilst preserving your customer’s privacy.

Used by over 700+ customers and growing

Next-gen facial recognition algorithms using a single API key

Integrate with Biometric Vision’s next generation AI-powered algorithm in minutes and increase the accuracy, speed and performance of your facial recognition apps.

Near perfect accuracy
Near perfect accuracy

99.99% accuracy in the most challenging of conditions. A 0.006% error rate tested against 1 million ethically sourced face images.

High-end security
High-end security

AES-256+ end-to-end encryption and a proprietary method for storing face templates as anonymous alphanumeric code (binary), i.e. non-reversible.

Feature niche SaaS product
Feature niche SaaS product

We do one thing really well and that’s facial recognition algorithms. Providing access to our 1:1 and 1:N algorithms.

Leverage the power and flexibility of our API

APIs are made for leveraging the power of connectivity. Our cloud hosted API is suitable for any environment, on any platform, physical or virtual. Our API promotes innovation, opportunities to scale and make monetisation easier by reducing costs and time spent by building solutions with best-of-breed components.

Developer first technology

FaceMatch API (1:1)

Verify that two faces belong to the same person in seconds. The perfect solution if you want transform the accuracy of your facial identification programs.

FaceSearch API (1:N)

Scan your database to identity similar-looking people to a certain face at lightening speed.

Developed with privacy at the core

Preserving people’s privacy is paramount in an ever increasing digital world. Privacy has been embedded into the core of our platform. We are compliant with the stringent International Standards of integrity, privacy and security.

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