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Getting Started

Recognise and compare faces in minutes with this simple to use cloud based facial recognition API. This model has a match accuracy of 99.9% so it works under extreme conditions (Long distance, pixelation, blurred images and high/low contrast)

This tutorial shows you how to compare between two images.


This image below is a demo showing the results of two images matching as the same person:

Face Match Demo

The 99.9% match accuracy means it will work under extreme conditions:

Face Match API Animation


Here are the simple steps to get started:

Step 1. Get your API Key

You can quickly generate your API Key by signing up here.

Step 2. Upload two images to the compare API

Once you get API Key you will be able to use the compare functionality . Below is an example for using the API.

POST API point


Request Example

curl -X POST 'https://biometricvisionapi.com/v1/compare' \
-H 'X-Authentication-Token: a1eOzjOM2RFbd3kOKk6wqTDANlNKezx419HWIOHvs1IthXe63r4rNnaCwB4DWmkQ' \
-H 'Content: application/json' \
-H 'Accept: application/json' \
-F 'image1=@/home/user/image1.jpg' \
-F 'image2=@/home/user/image2.jpg'


    "confidence": "Match",
    "features": {
        "leftEye": 100,
        "rightEye": 100,
        "leftBrow": 98.15,
        "rightBrow": 100,
        "forehead": 100,
        "middleForehead": 100,
        "nose": 100,
        "philtrum": 100,
        "mouth": 100,
        "jaw": 100,
        "leftCheek": 100,
        "rightCheek": 98.95
Step 3. Upload two images to the compare API

Track and monitor the API stats via the dashboard

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