Verify that two faces are the same with 99.9% accuracy

Biometric Vision’s FaceMatch is a technology that enables users to verify whether two images of a face belong to the same person.

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Easily connect to FaceMatch via a single API key and transform the speed, accuracy and security of your facial recognition applications or critical business processes.

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The Biometric Vision advantage

Being a niche tech startup allows us to be nimble to meet your needs, whilst keeping costs down. We have proprietary developed mathematical algorithms based on a trained convolutional neural network, providing you with leading performance. Our customer onboarding experience is seamless, and integration simple but efficient.

Near perfect accuarcy
Near perfect accuarcy

An error rate of 0.006% when tested against a 1 million ethically sourced face images covering both visa-style and “in-the-wild” images.

High-end security
High-end security

AES 256+ end-to-end encryption making it impenetrable.

Australian engineered
Australian engineered

Being an Australian tech startup allows us to adapt and change as the facial recognition industry develops, whilst meeting the changing International compliance landscape.

All stored in the cloud

Face detection

Detect and locate the presence of the largest face within a digital image.


Meet data sovereignty requirements with 17 hosted locations worldwide.

Face verification 1:1

Check the likelihood that two faces belong to the same person, i.e. verify.


Anonymising images into an alphanumeric string (binary) that cannot be reversed engineered.


Enrolment of an image uses less memory than our competitors at 15mb.


Our convolutional neural network deliver leading accuracy and performance.

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